The original Lawson-era building structures are more than 100 years old; most having been built between 1903 and 1916. To protect these buildings, the grassroots Preserve Lawson Landmarks (PLL) organization was established in 2021. The group’s mission is to preserve the original structures built by Victor and Jessie Lawson through both financial support and volunteer services. PLL’s efforts are focused on the preservation of the non-revenue generating, architecturally significant structures on the grounds.
The organization’s preservation priorities include the repair of the property’s six original water towers, including Judson Tower, repair of the stone walls and bridges throughout the property; and restoration of the boathouse with its original green roof tiles imported from Italy.
The current project is The Prospect Drive Water Tower repair. The budget for this project is $30,000. This includes replacing the original roof with either clay tiles or asphalt terracotta tiles and repairing the concrete work and drainage on the wall and deck surfaces with a recreation of the Lawson-era aggregate mix.
Supporters of Preserve Lawson Landmarks (PLL) recently celebrated the restoration of Prospect Tower, the first project taken on by the Green Lake based non-profit community group founded just one year ago. “Jessie Lawson would be proud” were the words of David Cullen, chairman of Preserve Lawson Landmarks, while a group of area residents gathered on the Green Lake Conference Center’s (GLCC) grounds where the newly restored Prospect Tower sits.