Our Mission

The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce’s Mission is to serve our members, visitors, and the greater Green Lake area to lead in the creation and promotion of tourism and business development for the growth and prosperity of Green Lake.


The Official Green Lake Destination Guide is one of the best marketing tools to reach visitors and local residents of Green Lake. With a readership of over 60,000, your directory listing and events are sure to be seen. Members receive one listing in the guide’s business directory based on the primary listing on their membership application. Additional listings may be purchased for $100 per category. Deadline to be included in the business listing is December 1. Deadline for events to be listed in the guide is February 1.

Members receive a 20% discount on ads placed in the Green Lake Destination Guide. Our guide has a readership of over 60,000 and is also published on our website, so your ad will also seen by our online readership as well.

In 2022, our website had 70K+ unique visitors and over 203K+ page views. As a member, your business and it’s events will be listed on with your contact information, logo and a link to your website. Members receive up to two categories for the online directory. Additional listings may be purchased for $100 per category. 

Members will be given a log in to the member portal to add events to the calendar. Event listings can include photos, logos, videos, etc. to enhance your listing.  The GLACC will approve your event within 24 hours.

As a member you have the opportunity to promote your business events via our social media outlet. The audience on our Facebook Page has over 9,000+ followers, Instagram has over 2,302 followers and other social outlets include Twitter, and YouTube. The website event calendar is used to develop the social media posts, so members are responsible to keep their events updated to be included.

The Experience Green Lake app is designed to be used by local residents and visitors to explore Green Lake’s many offerings. Members will receive a listing including hours, photo, menus, type of services, website link and may submit push notifications to app users.

The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce sends out a weekly visitor e-newsletter reaching over 8,000 subscribers with all the area events happening throughout the week. This e-news has an open rate of 28%–significantly better than the 13% average for the industry. Events that are promoted to our visitors are pulled from our calendar on and is the responsibility of the member business to enter their events. Chamber staff may choose larger-scale events to promote according to the Chamber Advertising Priority List.

The GLACC will provide a ribbon cutting for the opening a new brand, location, or franchise, a business anniversary, moving into a new building, or reopening a business under new management. We invite the local press, Chamber members, and local officials, and provide large scissors and ribbon. 

GLACC issues Chamber Gift Certificates throughout the year. These certificates can be redeemed at participating Chamber Member businesses and are treated as cash. As a member you will be automatically enrolled in this program but can opt-out if you choose not to participate.

By joining the GLACC, you are demonstrating your commitment to the Green Lake area community which will increase your business’ presence and infer your business credibility. 

Thousands of people interact with the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce yearly, and by choosing to be a member we can refer these people to your business.

Reach thousands of visitors and residents by displaying your business literature at our visitors center/chamber office.

As a member you will receive a window cling that shows your support of our community and adds credibility to your business.

Members can promote their event on the sign outside the GLACC office. Subject to availability.

2024 Member dues

Annual membership year is September 1 – August 31. Dues will be pro-rated if entering mid-term. Installment payments are welcome; however, dues must be paid in full within 90 days of sign-up or members will be removed from the Chamber directory membership listing. Full payment must be received prior to January 1 to be published in the Destination Guide and website.

Retail, Restaurant & Professional Businesses

1-8 Employees $240
9-22 Employees $360
23-50 Employees $470
51-75 Employees $600
76+ Employees $725

Hotels, Motels, Resorts , B&Bs, & Vacation Rentals

1-3 Bedrooms $215
4-8 Bedrooms $325
9-15 Bedrooms $450
16-22 Bedrooms $580
23-33 Bedrooms $715
34-50 Bedrooms $870
51-75 Bedrooms $1,150
76+ Bedrooms $1,200
If located outside of the Town of Brooklyn or the City of Green Lake, please add an additional $20 per room onto your dues.


$4 per campsite
120 sites maximum. An additional 50¢ per site if located outside the City of Green Lake or the Town of Brooklyn

Additional Business Membership

Dues are 50% off the second business.
This membership is available if the additional business is located in or related to the primary business and must be owned and operated by the same entity. The business that employs the most will pay at the higher rate based on the number of employees and half off (50%) for each additional business that they are directly related to.

Associate Membership

Associate membership shows support of the organization and is available only to non-profit groups, clubs, and/or organizations. Associate members receive the Chamber mailings and may participate in Chamber activities but cannot cast votes.

Supporting Membership

Supporting Members are private individuals which are not promoting a business venture. Supporting members receive the Chamber mailings and may participate in Chamber activities but cannot cast votes.