Explore the many secluded hidden coves, bays and shorelines on Green Lake
and it's waterways via paddleboard, kayak, or canoe.

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The Green Lake area has four launches designed exclusively for canoes, kayaks or SUPs. Click on the location markers on the map for details about each landing.

Paddling launches
Assembly Creek Landing Spaulding's Bridge Landing Lake Street Launch County K Marsh Landing

Assembly Creek Landing

Managed by the Green Lake Sanitary District, this launch is located in Assembly Creek and Springs Conservancy. The property includes 1,100 feet of frontage on Norwegian Bay. Norwegian bay is typically calmer than other parts of the lake so it provides a great place to paddle on Green Lake. Limestone cliffs line the north side of the bay providing a great place to explore. On-site parking, carry-in access .

Spaulding's Bridge Landing

Spaulding's Bridge Landing gives access to paddle Green Lake's largest tributary, Silver Creek, as well as the County A Estuary and Big Green Lake. There are multiple conservancy properties that you can explore from the estuary–Sunnyside Conservancy, Pools Hill, Sugar Island Wetlands, and Silver Point Wetlands. This landing is managed by The Green Lake Conservancy. Park along Spaulding Hill Road. Carry-in access.

Lake Street Launch

Within the city of Green Lake, Lake Street Launch gives access to the Puchyan River, Green Lake's outlet. Enjoy the beautiful and thriving river ecosystem and keep your eyes peeled for a variety of wildlife. Park at Athletic Field Park. Carry-in access.

County K Marsh Landing

County K Marsh Landing is located on a peninsula of land just south of Dodge Memorial County Park. Explore the shallow waters of County K Estuary, the inlet to Green Lake in the southwest corner of the lake. Unload paddling gear at the landing and park at Dodge Memorial County Park.

Don't have a canoe, kayak or SUP?
No problem.

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I find paddling to be very relaxing. It’s a time you can settle all your thoughts and take away all the cares in the world.

Jodi Olmen began paddleboarding about 10 years ago, but what sealed her fate as a devotee of the sport was building her own board under the tutelage of renowned local boat builder Joe Norton. 

“It handles on the water like no other paddleboard does,” says Olmen, who has lived in Green Lake since 1994. “It handles the waves like a boat.” 

In addition to gaining a one-of-a-kind paddleboard, the workshop provided a sense of community for Olmen and the other participants who spent nights together hand-sanding and epoxying their boards.

The ancient terrain of Big Green — formed by a pre-glacial river — makes it an exciting place for paddleboarding. Early morning and early evening are Olmen’s favorite times to paddle, which she often does with neighbors and friends.

Olmen recommends paddling the calm waters of the Sunnyside channels and Silver Creek Water Trail extending along the Silver Creek Inlet


Paddle the Puchyan

Paddle the Puchyan River by kayak or canoe with the Green Team. Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of wildlife from turtles to cranes to crayfish and more! This leisurely tour is good for all paddle skill levels and you can go at your own pace. Participants will paddle from downtown Green Lake to Dartford.

Moonlight Paddle & Bonfire

Join the Green Team on their annual nighttime paddle through the County K Estuary. Paddling by moonlight is a uniquely beautiful and exhilarating experience. Listen to the diverse sounds of nature with the full moon as your guide. We will start and end the paddle at the County K Marsh Landing.

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